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The Medical Specialist Group Loan Application

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Your Personal Details
Your Personal Details

Why? In order to assess your application fairly and accurately, we will need to identify and verify both your identity and verify your residential address. Your information will be cross-referenced with data held by a registered credit reference and data reference company. You may be asked for a copy of your ID during our application process.

Your Bank Account Details
Your Bank Account Details

Why? All applicants for Cherry Godfrey loans must hold a UK (or island equivalent) bank account. We will ordinarily draw any loans to and collect payments from this bank account. You may be asked to provide recent bank statements to assess affordability during the credit approval process. Your bank account details will be held securely in line with our Privacy & Data Policy and cross-referenced with a registered data reference company.

Your Employment Information
Your Employment Information

Why? When considering any application for a loan, information in respect of your current employment status is important for us to consider as we assess the affordability of any credit that may be advanced. We also take into account the type of employment and the term you have held in that position.

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? You can also click on the number and type in an amount.
? You can also click on the number and type in an amount.


Fee: £200.00


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? You must be over 18 to be eligible.

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? We need 3 years of address history.

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? We need 3 years of address history.

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