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Cyber Risks 

  • Wide range of specialist Cyber Insurers and products
  • Ransomware attacks and cyber crime can be covered
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Any organisation which operates an IT system can experience some form of Cyber Attack which are commonplace and widely reported in the news.


Smaller companies are often targeted as they are perceived to 

have weaker cyber defences in place.

Human error accounts for over 90% of all claims in that an employee innocently opens an email which contains ‘malware’ (malicious software). This is designed to carry out a certain function such as 

lock the user out of the system and extort a ransom or steal credit card details, which is then sold to other criminals to carry out fraud.

A Cyber Risks policy gives you immediate access to forensic IT specialists to see where a ‘breach’ has taken place and the extent of it. If it is of a certain nature, you may have to notify the Information Commissioner and then the policy would give you access to Tech based lawyers to help with the 

notification in the required timeframe. 


 It will also cover ransom demands as well as any loss of revenue following an attack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cyber Insurance cover?

If you suspect something is wrong in your IT system, the policy will provide access to forensic IT specialists who will look in your system for any unauthorised activity. If there is a suspicion that sensitive data has been compromised, you will receive help from a specialist lawyer to help make a notification to the DPO (Data Protection Officer). You can also claim for Business Interruption, damage to equipment and other amounts you are liable for.

My IT provider tells me that my system is very secure and that I don’t need extra Insurance?

Even the most secure system cannot prevent someone innocently opening an email with a virus in it. It is best practice to secure your system as much as possible at the front end and educate your staff what to look out for BUT if something were to happen, having a Cyber policy gives you access to specialists and cover to help get your business back up and running.

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