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Isle of Man

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Group Business Travel /
Personal Accident

  • Wide range of Insurers
  • Business Travel and Personal Accident can either be
    covered on the same policy or separately
  • Highly personalised service
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If any of your employees travel for business (even a day trip to the UK)

a low cost Group Business Travel policy can cover Cancellation, 

Medical Expenses, Baggage and Additional Expenses.


In addition to the Travel risks, you can also add Personal Accident cover which 

gives a payment to an employee in the event of death or a serious accident. 


This Personal Accident cover is usually 24/7 and 

not just linked to company travel alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cover leisure trips for Directors and staff?

Yes. Some Insurers are able to cover leisure trips for both Directors & staff.

I have staff in other locations – am I able to include those on one policy?

Yes you can. The policy can cover those staff members from when they leave the country they are resident in to when they return.

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