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Critical Illness Cover

Our critical illness cover can include the following options:

  • A cash lump sum can be paid to you and your family*
  • Cover can be as comprehensive or low-cost as you
    would like it to be
  • Critical illness cover can be combined with a life cover policy
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Are you worried about what would happen if you were to fall ill 

and could no longer support yourself or your family?


This is something that many people worry about, especially in the 

aftermath of a friend or relative developing a critical illness.

Cover can be as comprehensive or low-cost as you would like it to be, and our advisers can explain the different levels of cover available to help you choose the right product.

Critical illness cover can be combined with a life cover policy.

We are all living longer and that means more people are likely to experience critical 

illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks or strokes within their lifetimes. 

Being diagnosed with an illness such as these can come as an awful shock, and at Cherry Godfrey 

we want to help in any way we can.

We can’t cure or avert illness, but we know that being able to pay off your mortgage 

or meet the costs of specialist medical equipment will remove the additional stress 

of money worries, which is why our critical illness cover is here for you.


*A cash lump sum can be paid to you and your family in the event of you being diagnosed 

with a serious illness or undergoing a major surgical procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does critical illness cover cost?

This depends on what level of cover you need along with your age, your medical history and whether you smoke. Once your adviser understands more about your circumstances and needs they will be able to provide you with an initial quote.

What is the maximum age that I can take out critical illness cover?

This can vary depending on how your critical illness cover is set-up, but generally the maximum age at the start of the policy is 64 and the maximum age for most critical illness cover benefits is 75. There are a couple of exceptions and your adviser would be happy to explain the options available if you would like to take cover to a specific age.

What is Cherry Godfrey’s fee for reviewing my critical illness cover?

Nothing at all! Our advisers are very happy to provide life insurance advice free of charge, so please get in touch with them and find out how they can help you.

Am I still eligible for cover if I have a serious health condition?

In a lot of cases yes you could be. Your critical illness cover application will be medically underwritten by the insurer and, although your policy could be more expensive than if you had no medical conditions to declare or have certain exclusions attached, our advisers are often able to work with the insurance companies to find you a suitable policy. If you discuss your needs with one of our advisers they will be able to explain the options available to you.

What illnesses are covered by critical illness cover?

The more commonly known conditions that are covered by critical illness cover include cancer, heart attacks and strokes. However in addition to these there are a broad range of illnesses covered and your adviser will be able to recommend a suitable policy if there are any specific illnesses that are important to you.

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