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Private Medical

  • Wide range of Insurers
  • Tailored policies for individuals and companies
  • Highly personalised service
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Private Medical Insurance gives you access to quicker
consultations and treatment as well paying the costs.

The cost of seeing healthcare professionals has risen sharply over the last few years.
In addition, waiting lists often mean that a potentially serious condition can be
left to develop further before being diagnosed and treated.

Cherry Godfrey are able to access a wide range of Insurers and obtain
quotations for various benefits include Dental and Optical cover.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy Private Medical Insurance?

A PMI Insurance policy allows you to get access to a Consultant and any subsequent treatment sometimes far sooner than if you went through the NHS.

What does PMI actually cover?

It covers Consultants fees, treatment costs, hospital stays, scans and also helps towards flights and accommodation costs. You can also include cover towards Dental & Optical costs.

I run a company, can I cover my employees?

Yes. You can have one policy in the Company name covering all of your employees.

What is the claim procedure?

You would normally see your GP who refers you to a Consultant for further investigation. You must contact your Private Medical Insurer before you see the Consultant to get ‘prior authorisation’ otherwise you may not be covered for the Consultant’s fee.

Why are some conditions not covered such as Asthma?

A PMI policy will only cover ‘acute’ conditions which can be treated by either surgery or medication to eradicate them whereas ‘chronic’ conditions such as Asthma will never go away completely and can only be relieved by medication.

What information do you need to get a quotation?

All we need in order to get a monthly premium indication are the full names of those to be covered, dates of birth, home address, nationality and if anyone has had any previous diagnosis/treatment for heart conditions/respiratory issues/cancer/psychiatric issues.

Can I cover my children?

Yes, you can so long as they are living with you (up to the age of 21) or in full time education (up to the age of 25).

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