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Isle of Man

Isle of Wight, UK


Travel Insurance that covers COVID

  • Single trip cover
  • Annual Travel Insurance
  • Bespoke Travel Insurance
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Our policies also cover the following situations:-

Before you travel - if you catch COVID and need to isolate or are told to isolate due to being told that you are a direct contact by a Government agency, then Cancellation cover is included.

Whilst you are away- if you either catch COVID and have to isolate or are told to isolate by a Government agency, then additional expenses (such as hotel and food costs) and medical expenses are both covered.

Important notice: Please note that our Travel Insurance policies cannot cover you if a Government body changes their COVID travel restrictions which results in you not being allowed to travel/enter the country you are travelling to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my policy cover me from the island and back to the island, or just from the UK?

It covers you from your home back to your home.

I'm not going away until later in the year, so when is it best to buy a policy?

The sooner you buy a policy, the sooner you are covered for Cancellation. If you had an accident for example and couldn’t travel, if you have a policy in force you can claim for cancellation.

Would I be covered for COVID?

Yes. If you contracted COVID before you are due to travel and needed to isolate and therefore cancel the trip, you would be covered. If you contract COVID whilst you are away and needed to stay in your hotel room to isolate, you could claim for additional expenses you had pay. Also, if you needed medical treatment whilst you were away, you would also be covered.

Am I covered if the Government changes the rules and I'm not allowed to travel to where I was going to?

Unfortunately not as this is un-insurable.

Would my policy cover me if I lost my baggage?

Yes it would, up to the limit you opt for.

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