Say Goodbye to the January Blues with Cherry Godfrey 

Blue Monday is around the corner; and at Cherry Godfrey our aim is to alleviate any financial worries that may be causing a melancholy mood. Let 2022 be a year of financial empowerment for you – we can show you how.

‘What is Blue Monday?’ you may be asking. This particular Monday (the third in January) has been termed (fairly or unfairly) more challenging than others, due to a combination of traditionally poor weather, the wavering of New Year’s resolutions, dissatisfaction about going back to work, and, of course, post-Christmas debt. Whilst at Cherry Godfrey we can’t promise to help with everything, we certainly can help with the latter… 

Blue Monday: The Urban Legend You Can Escape 

The festive period is an indulgent one: a time for feasting, gifting, and merry-making. Many people loosen the purse strings at this time of year (and should be able to do so without guilt). However, when January (and Blue Monday) rolls around, some of us look at our bank statements in horror – and wish we hadn’t been quite so enthusiastic with our purchasing. 

Unsurprisingly, therefore, one of the key contributing factors to Blue Monday is financial stress. And whilst Blue Monday is an urban legend (in fact, it was a marketing ploy dreamed up by a now-defunct travel company in the 1990s), there is some truth behind it – the concerns of the collective at this time of year – which is why the legend has ‘stuck’. 

But there’s no reason that you can’t escape the stress and strain of Blue Monday. Cherry Godfrey are here to help you take back control. Instead of worrying about your credit card bill, try to focus on the cherished memories you created over the last holiday season – and get in touch with our expert team to find out how we can support you through this time. 

How We Can Help 

 Another typical January pastime involves the making of resolutions. The year tends to start with a burst of enthusiasm, but by mid-January this could be waning… if this sounds like you, never fear! Perhaps you’ve resolved to sort out your personal finances this year, once and for all, to ensure 2022 runs smoothly? Or perhaps you simply want to start (and end) the year on better financial footing? Cherry Godfrey are here to help. Our experienced, friendly team support clients through a range of issues every single day – so if you’re feeling financially ‘squeezed’, we’ll soon get you right back on track. 

Our motto is ‘finance that values you’ – and we honestly believe in it. We pride ourselves in listening, understanding, and putting our customers first. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ with us: we find bespoke solutions that provide positive outcomes, whatever your individual circumstances. 

Say goodbye to any hint of the January blues by speaking with Cherry Godfrey today. With an impressive list of products (in many cases, a greater variety than the high street banks), a can-do attitude, and highly personal service (we’ll be on first-name terms with you in no time at all – if you so wish!), we’ll stand by you from start to finish.  


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