Name: Kelly Burke - Jersey Office 

Favourite quote or saying: There are three types of people. Those who are good with numbers and those who aren’t.


Hi Kelly, it’s lovely to talk with you! First of all, it’d be great to learn a little bit about you. What’s your background, and what brought you to Cherry Godfrey? Quite varied! I trained as a graphic designer; made a long-term career from singing; ran children’s charity projects for about 15 years; and then fell into financial services and insurance. I was drawn to Cherry Godfrey because of the values that I share with the company: people first, every time.


What was your first job, and what did you learn from it? I worked on a boating lake as a boatman when I was 14. Had a great time during the summer holidays, earned money that I had no time to spend, and made lifelong friends! I learned that if you can find a job you love, your life is significantly richer in all ways.


Who are your professional role models – who inspires you? My wife, Nikki. She’s a primary teacher and despite the stresses and workload, she is always positive, upbeat and patient (she lives with me!). A true professional and a good egg.


What qualities make a great leader? Listening, communication, integrity, positivity, honesty, being supportive. Having a vision and sharing it: great leaders should surround themselves with great people and let them achieve their potential.


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced at work – and how did you overcome it? I worked for a year - my shortest time in a job - as a mortgage broker. The organisation had a toxic culture and would not make improvements. I could not overcome it, so I had to leave.


What do you love about Cherry Godfrey? The focus on people. Whether you are a team member or a customer, Cherry Godfrey will look after you - the way you’d like to be looked after. The company offers a safe pair of hands, helping you through your journey and giving you a little cuddle when you need it.


If you were able to invite any three people round for dinner (living or dead), who would you choose? Bruce Springsteen for the music, Peter Kay for the laughs, and Michel Roux Jr. for the food!


And, finally: what do you enjoy doing when you are not working? Spending time with my wife and son. Mountain biking, paddle boarding (badly), food, cinema, live music, F1, playing golf (again, badly!), and travel.

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