Four Things to Love About Travel Insurance 


With Valentine’s Day on the horizon – and spring just around the corner – many of us are dreaming about foreign climes. From romantic city breaks to relaxing spa vacations, the options are endless. But there’s more to think about than simply picking the destination: to ensure you can enjoy that special trip in peace and comfort, it’s very important to make sure you have appropriate travel cover. 

So why is travel insurance so important? Well, life doesn’t always go to plan: and Travel Insurance provides extra protection against everything from minor mishaps to Covid-19 issues. In this blog, we’ll give our four top reasons to love travel insurance – wherever you’re headed. 


Things to Love About Travel Insurance, #1: It Gives You Peace of Mind 


As mentioned above, life doesn’t always go to plan – even if your own plans are quite elaborate! Picture the scenario: you’ve spent a great deal of time and money plotting out a once-in-a-lifetime surprise trip for your partner, for example (to celebrate Valentine’s Day, perhaps!), only for a family member becomes ill the day before you’re due to leave. However, when you try to cancel, you’re told that no refunds will be given within a certain number of days of departure – and you’re outside of that threshold. Not only would this be very upsetting news at a challenging time, but also you could find yourself seriously out of pocket. 

The right cover will offer financial protection in such cases. Depending on the level of cover you’ve chosen, you could be covered for last-minute cancellation due to a range of unforeseen circumstances – such as the serious illness or injury of a family member. Knowing you have cover in place will allow you to plan your trip with confidence and comfort – and get fully excited about what’s ahead, rather than worrying about what may happen! 


Things to Love About Travel Insurance, #2: It Protects Against Covid Uncertainty 


One thing is certain about the Covid-19 pandemic: uncertainty! Rule changes abound, and even if you swot up on the latest guidance before you depart, there’s always the chance that matters might change whilst you’re away. In addition, there’s the worry that you (or one of your companions) may fail testing requirements before, during, or after the holiday; or, even worse, that one of your party may fall seriously ill. 

We believe that everyone should be free to book and enjoy their vacations with limited stress – even whilst Covid-19 remains a consideration. With this in mind, we offer substantial Covid cover from just £9.53 - Cherry Godfrey Travel Insurance  

As with all Travel Insurance, it’s important to read all the details before you travel so you’re aware of exactly what is covered (for example, government-imposed changes to border controls - those which result in you not being able to travel - would not be covered). 


Things to Love About Travel Insurance, #3: It’s Not Just About Health or Wealth 


One of the things we love most about Travel Insurance is how it removes stress; after all, it can be the most minor of mishaps that puts a real dent in your vacation. A missing bag; a missed connection; delays to travel – these are things that can turn a dream holiday into a nightmare. 

Whilst Travel Insurance can’t prevent hiccups, it can remove anxiety by offering cover for: 

  • Lost, damaged or delayed baggage. 

  • Cancellations or missed departures. 

  • Delays. 

  • Additional expenses (for example, if you are forced to fork out for additional accommodation or travel due to a delayed departure). 


Things to Love About Travel Insurance, #4: It’s Easy and Affordable to Purchase 


Yes, you read that right: comprehensive travel cover doesn’t need to cost the earth. However, do bear in mind that the cheapest policy doesn’t necessarily represent value for money, and price comparison websites tend to offer more generalised cover: so, to ensure you’re getting the very best deal, it’s well worth discussing your needs with an experienced insurer. 

At Cherry Godfrey, we’ll take the time to find the right cover for the right price – and to fit your precise requirements. It couldn’t be easier to get started: simply start a quote online; submit a callback request; or pop in for a chat with one of our friendly, expert team members.  

Best of all, cover starts from just £9.53 - leaving you with a little more cash to spend on your dream holiday! 

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