Name: Natalie Labrosse                                            

Company role: Customer Services Representative 

Favourite quote or saying: “Music is the answer to your problems. Keep on moving, then you can solve them.” – Celeda. 


Hi, Natalie! Lovely to get to catch up with you. First of all, tell us more about you: where are you from, and what do you do at Cherry Godfrey? 


I was born and raised in sunny Blackpool and have always loved living by the sea. I moved to the beautiful island of Guernsey two years ago – a decision with which I could not be happier! It may not have the bright lights of the Blackpool illuminations, but Guernsey is a wonderful, peaceful place to live.   

I work in the reception of the Cherry Godfrey office in Guernsey, and feel very lucky to say that I always enjoy coming to work.  If you’re looking for new finance, insurance or to invest some of your hard-earned money, please give us a call and I’ll put you through to a member of our lovely team. Alternatively, feel free to pop down and myself (or my work-wife Desiree) will be happy to greet you. 


It's clear how much you enjoy working in Guernsey – but what was your first job, and what did you learn from it?  


I have always worked in customer service. My first job was as barmaid; a role that I kept up throughout my university studies. Through this experience I learned I love working with people: if you can make someone smile every day, it is a better day! Customer service is central to everything we do at Cherry Godfrey – we believe in a personal approach, and getting to know our clients well is very important to us. The better we understand their circumstances and needs, the better service and support we can provide. 


What else do you love about Cherry Godfrey? 


Cherry Godfrey feels like a little family – I know lots of people say that about their colleagues, but in this case it’s true. I feel lucky to work with such great people (both professionally and personally), and would happily spend time with any of the team outside of work.  


That’s great to hear! For our final question, we’d love to know a bit more about life outside the office: what do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 


During my free time you’ll find me cliff-walking around this beautiful island; enjoying food and a nice glass of wine with my fiancé, Alex; or chilling at home with my cats, Lily and Dusky. I also adore house music and dancing with my friends – both in Guernsey and back in Blackpool!  

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