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Household Insurance

Household Insurance covers loss or damage to your buildings, contents and other items you take outside the home.

  • Fire, lightning & storm damage
  • Accidental damage
  • Subsidence
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Our experienced Brokers can help you insure your buildings, contents, and personal belongings both in the household and outside your home. With our extensive range of products, we can find you the right cover for the right price.

  • Excess protection available – Prices start from £12.58 per year

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in Household Insurance?

A Household insurance policy can cover the Buildings, Contents, Personal Possessions, Collections and other items such as cycles.

I’m going away for two months, should I tell my Household Insurers?

Definitely. All policies contain an Unoccupancy Endorsement which restricts the cover if your property is left unoccupied for over a certain time frame (usually 30 consecutive days). Water Damage is usually excluded and so it is vital that you advise your Insurers if you are going away for longer than 30 days.

What is Building Insurance?

This protects the structure of your home, any outbuildings and the properties permanent fixtures and fittings; such as fitted kitchens and sanitary ware. Insured Perils; such as Accidental Damage, Fire, Theft, Subsidence, Impact, Lightning and Explosion, as more defined within the Policy Wording.

I live in a flat, should I be covering the Buildings?

Not usually. The Buildings will probably be covered by the building owner on a Property Owners policy and you will probably be contributing towards this premium through your service charge or rent.

Can I use the market value to Insure my Buildings?

No. The market value and insurance value of your buildings will be completely different. The Insurance value needs to include demolishing what’s left after a large loss, clearing the site, all professional fees and then rebuilding it. This can sometimes cost a lot more than the market value (especially in the Channel Islands where older properties are built with granite). The best way to get an accurate sum insured is to ask a Chartered Surveyor to carry out an Insurance valuation.

What does Personal Possessions include?

The Personal Possessions section covers any items you would take outside of the home including jewellery, watches, bags and golf clubs.

What is Contents Insurance?

This covers the contents of your home and valuables against accidental damage, theft and loss.

Do I save anything by insuring my Buildings and Contents together?

Yes, there are additional discounts available.

How much cover do I need?

You will need enough cover to rebuild your property including architects, professional and surveyor fees and/or replace your contents in the event of a total loss e.g. fire in the property. You will find the building sum insured on a recent Survey/Valuation of your property. Alternatively Call us on 711666 for a guide to assist you in the calculation of a rebuild cost or a room-by-room checklist to help calculate your contents sum Insured.

I am planning on having some works done, do I need to tell my Insurers?

Yes. All Household Insurers will need to know if you are carrying out works because in some situations, they will need to restrict cover especially if you are replacing the roof or taking out windows or load bearing walls.

Is the insurance cover based on New for Old?

Yes, most insured items that are stolen/damaged will be replaced as new, regardless of age.

Is Accidental Damage Cover recommended?

Yes, this covers you for unforeseen events for example, accidentally spilling paint on your brand new carpet or knocking your TV over.

What is Personal Belongings Cover?

This is an extension of Contents cover, it covers items when away from the home such as clothing, jewellery, laptops, mobile phones etc. this cover extends to anywhere in the world (please refer to your policy wording for maximum period per trip).

I have an expensive item of jewellery, is this automatically covered?

Not necessarily, your policy may have a limit in which a high value item will have to be specified and a valuation provided. On most policies this limit is in-between £1,500-£2,500.

Are my children's personal belongings covered while they are at University?

Most Household or Contents Insurance policies will include Student Cover away from the home. Please refer to your policy wording for limits.

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