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I have a loan with Cherry Godfrey and I’m worried that I may not be able to make repayments. What can I do?


As we navigate this untrodden ground, our local States/Government bodies are looking for ways to support the economic pressures that may follow.


The governments in each of our island jurisdictions will be putting in place income support plans and financial easing mechanisms. There will also be industry specific guidance that individuals and businesses may follow. You should look to these bodies in the first instance to see if your own situation can be made easier. You find out more at the following sites:



Your High Street bank may also offer interest only periods and payment breaks that will enable you to continue to meet your wider obligations.


These avenues should be explored in full before considering a payment break request for your Cherry Godfrey loan as they will be the most cost-efficient options for you.


All our loan holders have the ability to request a one-month payment break in line with our policy, but we encourage our customers to maintain repayments for as long as possible to reduce outstanding balance(s).


Cherry Godfrey Insurance



Can I get travel insurance?


P J Hayman have temporarily withdrawn the ability to buy cover to review all insurance policies. See link below for more information:


How do I claim?


Refer to your policy schedule to establish who the relevant Insurer is and the name of the product:


PJ Hayman -Free Spirit Claims

Tel: 023 9241 9879

Available: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, closed Bank Holidays Email:


PJ Hayman/ Travel Plus

Tel: 023 9241 9866

Available: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, closed Bank Holidays


Bennett & Gould

Tel: 0203 829 6761 Claim forms can also be downloaded



Will my insurance policy cover if I travel now?


It is important you contact your insurer to find out how coronavirus is going to affect your policy, see contact details above.


If the country you’re planning to travel to is not subject to a travel ban, your travel insurance policy will not cover you if you decide to not travel for reasons not covered in your insurance policy.


You should check your travel insurance policy or with your insurer to find out what are valid reasons for cancelling a trip.


What if my airline, travel agent or cruise company cancels my trip?


If your airline or cruise company has cancelled your trip because of coronavirus, you should be able to claim a refund, rebook with another carrier, or rearrange your travel plans. If this happens you should check with the company directly to find out your options.


If you have travel insurance, you should check your policy or with your insurer to find out if you might be able to make a claim for other costs associated with your trip, see contact details above.


If you have any queries, please call the relevant helplines above and your Insurer will be able to prove further assistance.



Cherry Godfrey Loan Note Investment


I have placed funds within the Loan Note Investment. Will Cherry Godfrey be able to continue to maintain my return and is my capital safe?


Yes, on both counts. Cherry Godfrey’s business model is robustly incorporated, stress tested and audited regularly by Grant Thornton. The spread of our loans is extremely diverse, with no concentrations. This ensures that our model remains nimble and can still provide products and services to ‘silver lining’ customers during ‘cloudy’ times.


Our arrears run well below industry standard, presently running at 0.3% (at 16th March 2020). Whilst the present environment will almost undoubtedly see a rise in arrears, we are working hard to assist our customers to find solutions and meet the obligations in the best way possible. Our liquidity modelling is based on a long-term bad debt average of 1.35% and we remain well within operational parameters.




Can I speak to someone at Cherry Godfrey?


Please do! We are committed to continuing to provide the best service to our customers. Our offices remain open to ensure we are able to serve you.


To ensure the continuity of care, we will be running our offices on a rotational staffing basis. Our office-based staff will be working as normal and we will have a contingent of home-working people who have the ability to speak to our valued customers, process requests and answer queries.


Your comfort and safety are paramount. We will provide ways and means of working together to meet each client’s situation, whether that be remotely or direct.


How can I get hold of someone?


Call us: 711666


Email us:


Local Office 


Our local office remains open and are committed to maintain service levels, but we are encouraging the use of telephone and virtual meetings wherever possible. Our opening times are:


Monday 09.00-17.30

Tuesday 09.00-17.30

Wednesday 09.00-17.30

Thursday 09.00-17.30

Friday 09.00-17.00


Please get in touch. We value you!